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Become your community's only option.

Why bet on the future when you can control it instead? By becoming an AMLO℠ licensed real estate agent, you establish yourself as a double-threat with whom a standard real estate agent can't compete and with whom no client can do without. Who's going to choose a real estate agent and a separate lender when a two-in-one solution is available? This is how you became your community's only option.


  • Buyer's, seller's, and loan officer's commissions are all yours for the taking.
  • Don't want to work the full spectrum? Take a split for a simple handoff.
  • What you walk away with is up to you!


  • Seller stiffing you and buyer asking for a break? You have control to cut them slack!
  • You can also insulate yourself with additional cash from the loan!
  • Even a negative experience builds experience - learn the lesson without the pain.

An Equally Smooth Path to Becoming a Producing Agent

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Loan Partner

Your dedicated Loan Partner answers any of your questions about the lending process while collecting all the necessary documents and facilitating seamless communication between all parties.

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Loan Processor

No need to lose sleep over compliance; your Loan Processor liaises between you and your lender, strengthening your efforts with supportive documentation, ensuring client goals are not just achieved but exceeded.

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Loan Officer Mentor

Your Loan Officer Mentor will be walking with you in tandem throughout each financial transaction with your clients. They will act as your guide and go-to mentor starting before you even get your license with intensive one-on-one training.

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Agent Liaison

Covering transaction-side contracts, coaching, and anything in-between, your dedicated Agent Liaison will continue working as your right hand as you offer heightened AMLO℠ certified service to your clients.

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Director of Mortgage Sales and Operations

GCF’s Director of Mortgage Sales and Operations oversees every aspect of the lending process, giving you and your client full faith and confidence.

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Legal Counsel

You’ll have direct access to JohnHart’s dedicated in-house Legal Counsel with the usual attorney and consultation fees waived.


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Introduction to the AMLO Role:

Define: The AMLO's unique position, responsibilities, and impact.

Success Stories: Real-world examples where blending these roles added value.

course icon

Mortgage Loan Origination System:

Interactive Tutorials: Step-by-step guides with screenshots demonstrating system use.

Case Studies: Presenting different buyer scenarios and walk through the optimal loan solutions.

course icon

Loan Scenarios and Products:

Product Catalog: A detailed guide of available products/programs with pros, cons, and ideal scenarios.

Role-playing Activities: Simulating discussions with buyers to practice selecting and explaining products.

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Dos and Don'ts: Clear, comprehensive lists of permitted and prohibited actions.

Documentation Training: Interactive sessions on understanding and correctly filling necessary forms.

Ethical Scenarios: Discuss and resolve grey-area scenarios that AMLOs might face.

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Sales Techniques:

Objection Handling Workshop: Role-play sessions where trainees practice overcoming common objections.

Value Proposition Development: Exercises to help each AMLO articulate their unique value in both loan and real estate aspects.

Open House Strategies: Detailed strategies and role-plays on converting visitors to clients, with or without immediate real estate representation interest.

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Technology and Tools:

Use of Software: Introduce software and tools that can aid in loan calculation, scenario analysis, and customer relationship management.

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Start your journey of becoming an AMLO and take your first steps towards success.

Price: $1500